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We are proud to be the Sole Importers and Distributors in SA for BKK Hooks

Please visit www.bkkhooks.co.za for more information.

Black King Kong, with a hundred and sixty-two year tradition of making fishing hooks.

Nowadays, we’ve invested tens of millions in importing equipment from Japan, and sent people to learn know-how from Japan. Every and each Hooks we make contains expertise of 200 craftsmen, completely concentrated with 100% excellent workmanship. Recently, our products are being exported back to Japan, the land marking fishing hardware.

No matter how much effort we invested; no matter how many materials we experimented, what won’t change is the best quality that Black King Kong is pursuing. We believe that this marks respect and honour to all fishermen who aspire to freedom and happiness in fishing, and that this marks the wonderful dream that Black King Kong is after as a hundred-year-old enterprise

1856AD,i.e Qing Dynasty Wengzong Xianfeng six years ,Zhan Pengshou (1840-1895) has been used rudimentary tools to create a fishhook of Zhan’s family;

1890AD,Zhan Rongtian ,who was only 14 years old, overcomed the technical challenge in minimum fishhook manufacture ;

1965AD, Zhan Tailai served the Poyang hooks factory manager ;

1982AD, Zhan Changsong started their own small hooks factory ;

1984AD, Zhan Changsong successor the Poyang hooks factory manager;

2001AD, Zhan Zhibo inherited his father’s factory, and named it Zhibo hooks factory ;

2002AD, due to production needs ,the factory firstly moved to the new plant ;

2004AD, for production scaling, the second relocation of the new plant ;

2008AD, we expand the scale of production once again ,third relocation to Poyang Industrial Zone ,which covers an area of 26,000 square maters with 14,000 square meters of industrial plant; In January 18,2013,BKK set up branch offices in Osaka, Japan.

In 2014,BKK has gained the honour of best products on 24th China Fish.

In2015,GT-REX takes top honours at the 25th China Fishing Show in 2015 with “Best Product” and “Most Popular Product” awards.